Ramona's Kitchen,
The magic of flavors
for all meals

At Ramona’s Kitchen, indulge in a culinary
journey with our offerings spanning brunch,
lunch, dinner, and delectable sweet treats


Ramona's Brunch Beat, where flavors and joy meet

Discover our brunch delights, from benedicts to waffles that take appetites to new heights.

Lunch and Dinner

Ramona's Lunch and Dinner Vibes, where every bite tells a story, and every dish is a flavor symphony

Embark on a culinary journey with our playful bites – burgers boasting character, chicken dishes with a delightful crunch, and fish that transforms every meal into an adventure of taste and texture.

Sweet Treats

Ramona's Sweet Symphony, where desserts create pure harmony

Indulge in heavenly treats – chocolates, cakes, and sweets that turn every moment into a delightful retreat.

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About Us

At Ramona’s Kitchen, we’ve been sizzling with flavor for over eight years, spreading our love for brunch across three vibrant locations in the city. Our journey is a tale of culinary passion, where each dish reflects years of dedication and innovation. We source the freshest ingredients,
infusing creativity into every bite. With our chefs leading the charge, we’re not just serving food; we’re crafting experiences. Our menu is a testament to our
commitment to culinary excellence.

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We provide space for private events hosting up to 30 guests. Reservations are available only after 4 PM.



Ramona's Kitchen,
where every location
is a flavor-filled celebration

Discover the joy of Ramona’s Kitchen in our
three vibrant locations, each a
delicious destination

Ramona’s Kitchen (Thornhill)

Ramona’s Kitchen (Leaside)

Ramona’s kitchen (Hillcrest Mall)